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Disgusted with the coach and captain Younis Khan mistreatment

Disgusted with the coach and captain Younis Khan mistreatment If the test does not run 177 tests carried out by the team, senior batsman.

Karachi: Senior batsman Younis Khan mistreatment coach Waqar Younis and Misbah tests look of irritation, both buried in an interview he criticized built in, they still suffer exclusion from ODI squad could not be forgotten.

Younis said that if Sri Lanka in the third Test match winning 177 runs not make the test team also made out, Javed Miandad the most runs record a few steps away, so when my mental state condition ? He soon catches Kelly had called out so that the soil may be possible, it has become a burden on the team pulled out, but not such a good thing Marwat, I strived for the team sports, the Misbah 5,6 The number of betting without the ball until it is easy because it is outdated, but I’m always ready to play initial positions.

Management must trust the players, Younis said that one day my career is not over, is lacking in me, the commitment is bad or fitness? In the home series against Zimbabwe does not perform if I get a chance? Low back after I get all the opportunities against top teams yet to score as many runs, so that hardly anyone. He said that foreign support kuczky happens around the world.

Bangladesh also came up so fast. The comparison with Captain Younis Khan test also seem unhappy, he said in the interview Do not compare me to Misbah, in the long playing cricket and getting good performances in each country, the I am Pakistani batsman.

Which all teams against century, Rita’s quite a difference, they 41.42 years, while 37 years old, my style all know, positively have to play, they like the person or player and his style All they know is, I do not say that I am very good player, but when compared with Misbah wonder if our mood and style is quite different.

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