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7 months ago Blatter FIFA leaving huge fears

7 months ago Blatter FIFA leaving huge fears The major sponsors of FIFA corruption scandal went away from them and are calling for transparency.

Zurich: step down before the FIFA President Sepp blatrpr 7 months and taking risk, but they hope that football’s world governing body, the crisis came out of the 1998 post holding Blatter next year on February 26, the Governing Body Extraordinary Congress is convened.

Which his successor will be chosen in May, 7 top officials of FIFA corruption scandal Swiss authorities had arrested several people, since the global body of football is in crisis, property for Blatter to step down pressure which was announced in view of the resignation, the election of the next chief will remain until the issues.

They clung to decide the future, he said, until February next year to complete my responsibility and I believe the mission.

We started the reform of FIFA and are working to restore credibility back. Experts said the next few months to the end will be extremely difficult to Blatter, FIFA’s Department of Justice investigation into football corruption and bribery investigation is continuing, the resulting costs inevitably FIFA would be increased, especially in situations when they will need support from other authorities.

Blatter of corruption so far have not been charged with wrong, the president and FIFA vice-president Jeffrey kunkakyf the last days of New York is outspoken about his innocence in court, he said he was responsible for corruption are not.

On being hosted want to forward the issue of corruption.

Swiss lawyer had said in early July that the 81 suspects whose financial transactions are likely to be detected, the major sponsors of FIFA corruption scandal after they are gone away and demand transparency.

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