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Japan reluctant to marry young

Japan reluctant to marry young Declining population has become a headache for the government.

Many countries of the world including Pakistan are worried because of the growing population. Population growth is increasing pressure on natural resources.

Along with the development of the quality of life of people affected hy.kyr, growing in Pakistan over the issue of looting the nation’s rulers have been damaged. There are many countries in the world whose population is decreasing has become a headache for them.

Japan is counted in those countries. Japan’s Foreign Ministry in the past six years the population has been declining continuously. In 2014 compared to 2013, the population was dwindling birthrate 271058. Experts say that if the birth rate continues to decline in Japan in the coming century will be applied to the map.

East Asian countries are rapidly decreasing population several reasons. The baby was born and raised on the high costs, a growing number of women in trade and business sectors, non-married young women and men are interested.

The increase in the birth rate for many years is trying hard. Encourage young people to marry, as well as raising a hand in newborns also were offered diversion.

However, these measures did not yield positive results so far. The world’s third largest economy population is 12 million to 60 million.

If the difference between births and deaths persist if 2050 will be Japan’s number three million less. Experts are warning that declining population will be affected differently. It will have the most effect on growth.

Why in the number of elderly people is increasing. For the first time in Japan’s history, the number of people aged over 60 years the population has reached 25 per cent.

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