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Indian heavy rains kill 22 in 2 states

Indian heavy rains kill 22 in 2 states Mumbai was paralyzed life in the state of Madhya Pradesh aurjharkhnd 22 people were killed in various accidents.

New Delhi, Mumbai in India, including 2 life after heavy rain paralyzed when 22 people were killed in various incidents.

Aurryl road pramdurft also badly affected. Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh state capital Bhopal, close to 10 people were washed away when the rains so far 8 bodies have been pulled from the water. Ujjain and rain in the districts andurky life was disrupted.

The director of the meteorological department says Indore, Ujjain, Harda district husng settled and more rain is expected in the next 24 hours.

Jharkhand in the last 72 hours 12 people have died so far in the rain, Jharkhand magnificent, luhrdga, ​​Gumla and Ranchi contacted several disconnected areas. The river drains after heavy rain caused flooding in more than a dozen of the bridge were washed away in the floods.

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