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Ayaan preparing to seize new trial, a ban on travel abroad

Ayaan preparing to seize new trial, a ban on travel abroad Customs intelligence comes from the details of the bank accounts and property are collected.

Rawalpindi customs authorities designated currency smuggling case in Ali’s bail appeal in the Supreme Court against the High Court’s decision has not decided.

Passports confiscated from the accused’s request to withdraw the decision of the SC has been actively opposed. A division bench of the Lahore High Court granted bail to a model of the remarks in the light of their customs legal advisors have also agreed not to appeal.

The customs authorities for the models to narrow the noose on money laundering charges in the new case and efforts have begun to arrest them again. Under which the crime of money laundering in the case of an application for a regular full legal team has been to follow. Currency smuggling case in the customs Judge Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan’s summer holidays at the end of August and the first week of the date of the indictment has decided to present all witnesses.

According to lawyers, the trial against Ali on July 27. Judge customs not come to Rawalpindi from Karachi on the model of the future is not likely boost. Then one day his exemption request would be submitted. Ian customs intelligence from bank accounts and property, which have been gathered, according to Ian’s property and bank accounts are much more than their income. Intelligence sources say the model’s hand against customs have been some evidence to prove their strength against money laundering are very important.

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