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The spices used in food amazing qualities

The spices used in food amazing qualities

The spices used in food amazing qualities Some spices used in cooking resistance of cancer work.

Delicious foods from the United States in the past several years the people of Indian origin who won the US researchers with Floyd karduz after decades of research has revealed. A few spices to enhance the flavors of food for human health are extremely helpful and provide resistance against many dangerous diseases.

Amazing Benefits of Turmeric: Turmeric flayd karduz say so often adorn increasing food but very few people know that turmeric has anti-oxidant element to remove the cancer disease is in their honor. He found that turmeric with pepper, given its strengths and also increases. University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center study of breast cancer and a mixture of turmeric and pepper tumors serves as resistance.

Ginger and soy: karduz anything except his father run a healthy spices that work against cancer therapy, soy and ginger root to be used together, so it’s important to kill cancer cells plays. Fennel or soy usually India, Pakistan, Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines living in their use as a factor in the anythul. Which inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the ginger mixture, two major working against cancer occur. Zngrul gygrul and when they called in their fight against cancer and anti-irritation qualities are present. Treatment with pepper: green peppers cassation in the fight against cancer cell is a mixture. The research is clear that pepper turhrsrtan amazing feature is to eliminate blood cell. Garlic, onion, onion auryry play an important role in preventing cancer. Flayd kardus say that spices are useful against cancer. But warned that it balanced meals is the guarantor of health

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