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Ghosts haunt the house in the UK

Ghosts haunt the house in the UK

Ghosts haunt the house in the UK By UK frequent incidents of ghosts come to haunt houses are skiing Buster to hire people to drive.

London: So men and ghosts in this modern era, but few people believe that ghosts are often feel their presence. It happened last 9 months in the UK, where a family spirit not only torture but also troubling are made.

He was forced to bear the Ghost Buster services to get control. New South Wales in the UK sector of the residential family tree Dagger has lived in the area for the past 9 months. His residence at night after a few days they started to narrow the strange creatures. Caron, head of home fries to go to sleep at night when the ghost comes so terrified his wife and target of violence. It turns out that morning when he wakes up in his wife are afraid. If you can see the scar on the body. He also threatened that the ghost children that their parents will cut his throat.

According to Fry, the camera can take pictures of ghosts and claims that these are images of ghosts dressed in white gowns. A child with blue face and tail are shown. Fry says that his pet cat is afraid to go home on the upper part of the ghost that has attacked it. Fry’s wife Tracy says life with each passing day it is becoming painful every morning he wakes up in trouble. Frustrated with fried Caron these events to control the souls and men who were hired to perform this work, which will replace 100 pounds.  The man of the house initially refused to all persons on the upper floor.

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