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Germany’s first robot in the hands of man

Germany’s first robot in the hands of man

Germany's first robot in the hands of man Preliminary information from the crash could say that it was not an action of the robot itself, a company spokeswoman.

Frankfurt: Stephen Hawking warned a few months ago that a time will come when robots will take over the world. And man will come and take possession of it is so. Stephen’s prediction that has started to show signs that German factory worker killed his partner in the robot all have shocked and frightened.

German media company automaker Volkswagen in Frankfurt were busy people. Suddenly, a robot worker standing near him in my arms and clenching so hard that her bones were broken. And he went to his death. The company spokesman said the 22-year-old man was working in the company’s production department. And was part of the team that hired him in the Department of robots.

According to preliminary information, the accident spokesman evident that it was not an action of the robot itself. It happened because of human error, but the action robot that is programmed into it. Prosecutor murder case after the crash of the difficulties that this case be registered against whom and how it applied to the provisions.

But whatever the man’s murder at the hands of robot technology pundits have raised several questions before. The robots are thinking and planning feelings and see what happens, then the robot shall give some indication of this is to kill it.

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