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36 dead as boat capsizes in Philippines

36 dead as boat capsizes in Philippines

36 dead as boat capsizes in Philippines 127 were rescued in the accident were searching for the missing 26 people, officials.

MANILA: Philippine boat in the ocean, killing 36 of the 26 passengers in the search for the missing continues.
According to a foreign news agency in central Philippines 189 passengers sybhry boat from the port of aurmk nearby coastal city was able to take off. A few blocks from the harbor to the sea could not balance the boat in high waves. Causing the accident, accident Philippine Coast Guard officers soon arrived on the scene and started rescue operation.

According to authorities, 36 people drowned in the accident killed 26 people missing and 127 were rescued when the search is continuing. Bzahrlgta officials say the accident occurred due to flooding fishing in the Sea aurksty the number of passengers by keeping capacity are being investigated. It consists of 7,100 islands in the Philippines, where thousands of people daily travel on the boats capsize boats hundreds of people every year die from drowning. Largely because of poor security and the capacity is more passengers to ride.

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