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PCB was beholden to their league in February

PCB was beholden to their league in February

PCB was beholden to their league in February Some businessmen teams were assured to sell.

Karachi: Grounds and players have finished or not, the PCB was beholden to their league in February.

According to the Pakistan Super League is held before the conflict, the biggest objection to holding the event came out of the country, wants PCB myczkrana in UAE, held in February 2016 was announced. The UAE brought home the fact that the three centers of the Masters of former players will host the Champions League, this time under the Future Tours Programme will be the only West Indian player. After learning that the chairman Shaharyar held in April, although it will continue the IPL matches.

Sources hrsurt League Cricket Committee meeting was concluded in February that will be made, though the intention is to hold matches in the UAE. If you can not decide on the venue change ykn LA also can be. Masters League will continue for 2 weeks, the PCB has decided to hold the event in the remaining time.

The problem of non-availability of foreign players in the team recently retired or who will be added to the solution. PCB advertisement to sell franchises have also decided to prepare a week in which local and foreign media will become an adornment. Some circles believe that some high officials of the board already assured to some entrepreneurs have made sales teams. Many teams consider the same institution continues.

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