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Bees will apply now to detect drugs

Bees will apply now to detect drugs

Bees will apply now to detect drugs Bees can be trained to recognize several things.

Bugyr for drug detection dogs to work is a very old tradition. Dogs samh his extraordinary sense of smell by drug money was hidden skills are also gained. Experts and scientists’ man’s best friend “on the shoulders of the” professional obligations “to ease the burden on other animals also are paying attention. In this context, the work of healing from South Africa, elephants are being trained. Recently, researchers at the University of Cologne, Germany, to identify drug tamed bees, and even ordinary people as well as community scientists have been surprised.

Shdky bees beverage for human healing that are ready in the near future, but the enemy of human health and life, drug traffickers also play an important role in uprooting will show up.

According to researchers at the University of Cologne bee able to differentiate between heroin and cocaine is made. Experts claim that the bees smell at airports are eligible to take the place of dogs nationwide, and can perform their duties with utmost skill.

Drug-sniffing bees and how to differentiate the training? He refused to divulge anything about science.
Professor of Informatics at the University of Sussex says Thomas nuutny powerful in bee receptor (receptors) who can feel the smell of explosives and drugs. Bee experts that such training on drugs and gunpowder smell picks up his little tongue out is the human eye can see. Bee on which you sit out language that would mean that the item or equipment or ammunition is present in the drug.

According to Prof. Thomas flies a group of experts of the three groups of dynamite was trained to identify successful.

Explosives near the bees were taking out their tongues. It flies by experts as US troops tried to sell the device, which was not successful. Professor Thomas says that bees are highly intelligent. Among other things the identification of drugs and explosives training to be given.

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