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MQM leader Aamir Khan’s bail

MQM leader Aamir Khan’s bail

MQM leader Aamir Khan's bail Amir Khan on poor investigation deposits for Rs 10 lakh is granted, the court order.

Karachi: ATC MQM leader Amir Khan granted bail. The MQM leader Amir Khan Express ATC had his bail petition.

The court ruled that the investigation was flawed Aamir Khan’s deposits for Rs 10 million is granted, however, despite the guarantee would be overseas. Amir Khan has been named in a court order that would cooperate in the investigation and the hearing was adjourned until July 15.

The Rangers March 11 Nine Zero MQM center during Amir Khan was arrested and kept in custody for 90 days after I was handed over to police. The case against them harboring terrorists is the same police station.

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