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ICC ODI matches ‘batting powerplay’ end

ICC ODI matches ‘batting powerplay’ end

ICC ODI matches 'batting powerplay' endThe annual meeting of the International Cricket Council, chaired by the Chairman Srinivasan.

Barbados: The International Cricket Council will agree to the new conditions which gave plyyng matches batting powerplay has been terminated. The annual meeting of the International Cricket Council in Barbados Srinivasan, chairman chaired the one-day matches against the board members of the Board agree that some new recommendations said. In the new recommendations of the ICC ODI batting powerplay was completely dismantled and the 5 players 41 and 50 would be made to stand outside the circle. The Cricket and football matches on free hits in nine innings including astypng to have been approved.

The ICC chief executive David Richardson said after the recent World Cup matches on the revision of the rules, but we do not see more complications but we made some changes so that the batsmen and bowlers alike Opportunities come and fans have come to understand easily the matches. The matches between 35 and 40 overs were batting powerplay and over only astypng of free nubal had been hit.

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