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ICC meeting starts today in Barbados

ICC meeting starts today in Barbados

ICC meeting starts today in BarbadosBridgetown: International Cricket Council on Monday is the start of annual meetings, the first meeting with the Associate and Affiliate Members of chief executives committee meeting, meetings will continue until Friday.

ICC agenda is amended memorandum, government intervention in Sri Lanka will be reviewed, the new ICC President to former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas’s nomination will be approved. The International Cricket Council’s annual meetings have been held in the West Indies for the first time, 50 delegates from around the world are participating in the meeting.
And hosted Barbados Cricket Association is doing. The Americas Region cricket crowd’s going to be the biggest organizers. The annual conference week beginning Monday, Associate and Affiliate Members to the meeting, the same day the chief executives of the tour, which will start the day meeting will continue on Tuesday.

Wednesday HR Committee, Executive Committee, Governance Committee meetings and annual conference will be held. Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday. ICC from Wednesday to Friday, ID, and IBC board meetings to continue. ICC meetings agenda amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the new president of the ICC’s nominated candidate for the Pakistan Cricket Board’s approval of Abbas, Serbia’s ICC Associate Membership Application Considering the government’s intervention in Sri Lanka and received updates on the matter will be considered, USA Cricket Association will discuss the issues. Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of the report presented by the Chairman will be reviewed, cricket committee’s recommendations will be considered. Board Chairman Shahr yar Khan, Pakistan’s representative in meetings and chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed said.

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