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Through the tie-Fi “Wi-Fi” hot spot Learn more

Through the tie-Fi Wi-Fi” hot spot Learn more

Through the tie-Fi  Wi-Fi hot spot Learn moreSignals emanating from the tie in the tie-Fi system only works up to a distance of 10 feet.

London: Tablet and smartphones have the children removed from their parents but also to eliminate the distance has been broken out. And the Internet itself in the world of children who lost parents will be able to use the Internet to stay close.

Social media and the internet have mhurbn interest children and they buried the screens are so busy that even my parents do not mix. And do not talk to them, an advertising agency in Canada to bring parents and children closer is a simple solution. Tie has been a change in the home Wi-Fi signals out through attracting tie is removed.

When the father came home, his tie is only for Wi-Fi signals emit signals up to a distance of ten feet will be utilized. And if such children have their own smartphones or tablet running on the Internet, they have to be close to her father. This new innovation company tie-Fi’ is named.

The company says that this invention will benefit the children and the father will remain in front of their eyes. The company also Father’s Day (Fathers Day) is released to the invention so that children and parents live close proximity to their Wi-Fi networks both feel as though this invention has a purpose.

According to the company if you do not want to buy tie-fi system by following the instructions on your home can create a tie-Fi system for the external battery, microSD card and a small computer system  raspberry pie.

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