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Fast cancer, heart disease and aging saves

Fast cancer, heart disease and aging saves

Fast cancer, heart disease and aging savesAccording to international experts in food long intervals lasting positive impact on the body.

California: five times a month, according to experts, if the body of the Keller DB when half the amount of cancer, diabetes and heart disease risk is significantly reduced.

Fasting heart, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, plus several small can be preserved. Similarly at least six hours to water and wear non-slight health effects if the ban several times a month to process. The international experts have described the following benefits of fasting.

Weight and fat loss:
Many actors and players are fasting twice a week or live on only water weight and body fat which helps to lower.

Improvements in insulin sensitivity:
Ve had better insulin sensitivity in the body is fasting. In addition to improvements in digestive system and metabolism in the body (metabolism) is a process conditions.

In the age of fast growth:
The reason for this is that less food occasionally strong digestive system does not break down in cells is slowing.

Fast and mental ability:
Experts say that the improvement in brain function arise from starving. BD fasting brain increases production of a protein called NFC. The new cells are produced in the brain and the brain is increased production of useful chemicals. Also diseases like Parkinson’s and way stops.

Reduction of starving cancer and diabetes:
Experts from the University of Southern California have found that five times in a month if the state went through starving or food intake in half if it was cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases that can be fatal.

Experts volunteers to implement this program of 3 months to review them after heart disease, cancer and reduce the effects of aging seen. Experts believe that the reason for this is that the digestive system to rest several significant changes occur in the body that can prevent many diseases.

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