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Pakistan cricket ‘data fixing’ also started

Pakistan cricket data fixingalso started

Pakistan cricket 'data fixing' also startedThe Board also decided to keep a close eye on all things domestic cricket so prevent further stigmatization.

Karachi: Pakistan cricket match and spot after ‘data fixing’ also made the Board’s web site scorer carrying amount allegedly turned into a player’s data, the investigation after receiving a complaint employment was finished.

Pakistan cricket badly scourge of corruption is embedded, the players involved in match-fixing, the Amir, Asif and Salman fixing disgraced the country well, pity the small-level corruption is still widespread is at the source, ” Express’ ‘The last time a site received a written complaint to the board about the amount allegedly paid players in the transformation of data.

Wrong data carried on board when the case was assigned to the higher authorities, the Investigation Committee. Based on the evidence obtained scorer declared guilty immediately after the job was finished. He says a source close to the scorer 15 different major websites for the scoring board is not never had no complaints did the wrong thing, recent plot, the board should give him a chance to cleanse.

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