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Snooker World Cup: Australia beat Pakistan

Snooker World Cup: Australia beat Pakistan

Snooker World Cup  Australia beat PakistanChina Professional Snooker World Cup in Pakistan Australia won 3-2 after the match against tough competition.

Beijing: Professional Snooker World Cup Pakistan win second match after an initial defeat, and Hamza Akbar Mohammad Sajjad contain squad beat Australia 3-2 after a tough competition, previously the national team’s first match in Wales had failed to 0-5, will face Poland on Wednesday.
According to details released in China Professional Snooker World Cup match against Pakistan Australia won 3-2 after a tough competition.
It is the first round of the singles tournament, reverse singles and doubles on the frame 5, the first and second frames are singles, doubles later on the third frame, then 2 Reverse singles are played. In the event Hamza Akbar and Pakistan are represented Mohammad Sajjad, Pakistan on Tuesday in the first frame of the match was a 23-66 defeat, 70-52 victory was the second in the tough competition, once third in Australia He took the lead 2-1 with a 68-21 victory, doubles Hamza Akbar and Mohammad Sajjad, Pakistan unilaterally from 85-1 to succeed.
I’ll see. Qatar and Pakistan in their group, to the North of Ireland, the top 2 teams from each group will reach the next stage.

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