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Shahid said the plan for the World Twenty 20

Shahid said the plan for the World Twenty 20

Shahid said the plan for the World Twenty 20Selectors must now experiences, the event should be unchanged 4,5 months.

London: Shahid Afridi for the World Twenty 20 in India next year to devise a plan, the skipper good all-round ridge 2 are required for the event, according to Mukhtar Ahmed was the best opener, made it clear that experiments on selectors just to make. 4,5 months before the event should be no change, before the end of a career in international cricket  quiet, Champions system has access to multiple, non-arrival of the foreign teams make excuses for yourself All-rounder also expressed his views in an interview Twenty 20 next year will be played in India in March-April, 2009 Afridi captain in the style like green shirts are confident to make a champion again, he  2 good all-round preparations for the mega event for me and hard ridge need. We already had a good opener Ahmed Mukhtar, the selectors krdyakh aware of his plan to us is the time to experiment, 4,5 months before the event should be unchanged. Afridi in the 6 years after the attack, who first Test against Zimbabwe 2 Twenty 20 matches also led about it he said it for me was a great opportunity career that ended before the Home` to win wind, I quite enjoyed being part of this series, the International Cricket to see the excitement around the world. I hope more teams will come now Pakistan. Access the Champions Trophy in Pakistan, Afridi said on the question of more concern to me is the domestic system.
If agrhm improve it be better just to start cricket, should not be an excuse for us not having played here, we have the example of South Africa. Despite the closed doors of international cricket to the domestic maintained a strong bond at the end of which the best player emerged. Pakistan must do the same, at this level of international standards is needed to bring the facilities and professionalism.

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