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I do not imagine the military courts, the Supreme Court

I do not imagine the military courts, the Supreme Court

I do not imagine the military courts, the Supreme CourtArmy Public School kubnyad crash was an accident, but it is a management failure, Justice Khosa.

Islamabad: Eighteenth and 21th constitutional amendments against cases the Supreme Court’s 17-member full court bench headed by Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk asked that infrastructure recognition is not even to see to it that military courts setting is correct and fair trial rights and it is affected or not? judges remarked that courts anywhere in the world are going to vanish without a face. Behind the scenes are the judges? Our criminal system but the system is inefficient and flawed constitution aside to the right instead of right, if someone is accused of poor testimony utftys bad can it be right that wrapped up system be.

The court has the right to defend sualkyakh tukysy suspects, who were the witnesses against him and what evidence to justify thy.jsts Asif saydkhush the greatest moral values ​​of society.
If the accused military courts if human rights are affected very extraordinary stay adaltunka still be outstanding.

Justice Ejaz Afzal said the two-thirds parliamentary majority, Chief Justice of Pakistan she will be applicable to the armed forces command. Refers to military training and discipline is for the courts to run nhyn.jsts Jawad said military courts sentences of five to six persons, neither trial detected nor was it known that the method adopted was the news that the sentence .
Army Public School to amend kubnyad crash was an accident, but it is a management failure, Kukis blamed the judiciary.
Hamid Khan argued that military courts ruling adopted the position that the parallel judicial independence and autonomy of the judiciary has expired and the constitutional principle of separation of powers has ended, it is time to be determined uqyudka institutional boundaries.
State law does not conflict with fundamental rights lawyer .Court against amendment 21 agazkryngy arguments on your application. Justice said the goal is to establish military courts in our criminal justice system that has expired, it is correct.
Our criminal system is inefficient and flawed system to correct the constitution can not keep aside.
Justice Ejaz Afzal said the criminal justice system failed because of poor testimony utftys an accused is acquitted if it is true that the system will be rolled up jayy.jsts Saqib Nisar said that the courts face the world and where mynkhyn Behind the scenes are the judges?
Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani said that if the military courts set up under the Army Act, Army Act gives the accused the right to defense. Ijaz said that the purpose of Parliament is to establish military courts? Mynkhyn adaltunka not mention the military, Article 175, the court, the judiciary and the trial has been mentioned. Tell us military adaltunka tsurkhan came from Justice Asif Khosa said the Army Act amended the civilian trial option was the 21 th Constitutional Amendment 175 amended, we have seen that the parliament work successfully or not?
Chief Justice said infrastructure do not assume that we will then have to question whether it is correct or not military courts?
The military courts have been set up properly, then the question will arise that affected the right to fair trial by military courts or not.
And still protect the fundamental rights listed in the Constitution or not? Justice Asif Khosa said that we saw in media reports of punishments with the Army while it was approved that hyn.fujy szawnkyklaf appeals courts pending final appeal against penalties when the same army If approved by the altuahyn where appeals. The final stage is the effect of their appeals to the Army.
Attorney General Salman Butt said answered about the procedure of trial in military courts has been submitted. Justice will tell us that he was right to defend the accused tukysy? Who were the witnesses and evidence against them. Justice said the courts do not even necessary that the young man comes to the law. Justice Ejaz Afzal said the troops have been training for another poem, military courts do not operate.

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