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Easy ways to heat the sweet sleep

Easy ways to heat the sweet sleep

Easy ways to heat the sweet sleepLack of sleep also causes your mood is irritable.

During extreme heat and load shedding are not usually sleep not only affects your health but also the temperament is prone to irritability. But experts said that a solution to this problem are offered easy ways to implement them in the heat of the dessert can be enjoyed. Make your own air conditioning: Air conditioning Everyone can not afford the expense of a cooling then be obtained. Anna Ram Lakhan male ER doctor has found a solution, they say kndyns the air itself can be made for 20 minutes before bedtime to start this process.

 Do not spray water: water bottle filled with water and put her to bed with her face on spray feel the heat of the amazing results you will see and you will sleep sleep.

Do not freeze your pillows: your pillowcase before bedtime may freeze on its head by putting pillows sleep you’ll feel wonderfully sleep. DB er long before gold fur covering, keep it began to lower your body temperature and sleep will be filled.

Wear wet clothes before going to sleep: sleep before he could wet his trousers or socks do not feel comfortable in your clothes if wet Flynl use. Flynl cold water to wet the bed and put it in the fridge an hour before bedtime to keep him on his forehead.

Avoid getting warm bedroom: the bed room warm in the heat of the afternoon, an unplanned hold the room curtains. The rooms are particularly large windows or direct sunlight here comes the cold room there are curtains.

Wash with cold feet : when the heat rises in body temperature by foot from various parts of the body which increases blood flow to the feet feel very warm.Sleeping in a cold water wash your feet before the body temperature will decrease and you will feel comfortable.

Light bed sheets and quilts used in the bedroom: in summer and light colored bed sheets Use of material that covered the black bed sheets and put them in the closet.Keep in mind that the heat of the bed are not more obese.4.5 If, however, the heat is very intense tug of suitable quilts are quilts on the beds used as sheds have.

Avoid hot foods: hot property in the summer and avoid foods that increase water use. Spicy food before bedtime, coffee and sweet cakes etc. Avoid eating the melon, cucumber and cold foods that increase milk can reduce body temperature.

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