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Rebuilding confidence! India was srnar

Rebuilding confidence! India was srnar

Rebuilding confidence! India was srnarRefugees from Pakistan (Telenor was evil) were engaged in building their lives anew.

The 1948 event. The division of the country had less than a year. And each day the memories of riots, accidents gossip and petty lives were in danger. Refugees from Pakistan (Telenor was evil) were engaged in building their lives anew. Punjab, Sindh and NWFP lower seating from those who were not active and the men, women, children all included. The person who had had at hand. Lty the risk of corrupting Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs had straps. When the name of the Sikhs in the eyes of Muslims was tantamount to murder.
Concerns about Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were based on their experiences. But by the end of 1947, the situation changed very quickly by peaceful coexistence were. 1948 was a small event to remember. New Delhi judge a narrow neighborhood street burqa-clad Muslim women, some holding children’s hands were going through. He had been tied safh some elderly white rash. He saw women stood on one side towards the wall. Women and children died. How Islam and guardian angel told the women to go home and get in the way of them elderly. The children laughed and said they were living. He said the United terrified women and said: ‘If you tell this time we would fear the pile.’ ‘One day I came home and Hindu and Sikh women srnarthyun women ghbragyyn then introduced themselves.
Understand this: and he came to spy Mohalla Muslim life is in danger. ” The women said: “She is looking for work. Decoction, knit, sew, thread, cook, wash the dishes, they are experts in everything. ‘Doubts slowly away again when the relationship needs work they carry out. Low quality of work and level of compensation. New Delhi holidays in a matter of days that the nation of Muzaffarnagar where my aunt and their children almnan (Qudsia cool, Nasim and Salim Mian APA) was established.
After her mother’s death was the women who lost their love for my aunt who was also the sister I thought the girls were girls and their younger brother, Salim Mian. Qudsia become cool, embroiderers, was very fond of cooking. Cool, Nasim was reading the script. But also the desire of female education in the field of women’s freedom to come and was considered a threat. APA Qudsia told me: ‘go to market Give us a sample of wool, there are many good shops and wool is also very good and cheap.’ I felt the danger, but our aunt and told me: ‘These girls are crazy. The capacity of local judges of good stuff here, drawing from there. ” He also gave me twenty bucks here checkerboard wool samples we had to leave in exchange for a guarantee. In the neighborhood of the shop was chessboard. There was no danger. If the capacity of Mr. Sherwani and Gandhi cap khidr inspected.
Discovered genealogy, family relationships detected a local judge then concluded: ‘If the women do not do some shopping while you’re wasting your time and our money in the sample to be bad.’ ‘ The warning was clear. I agree with them morally and respectfully request that you take once a patient work of my life srnarthy to market risk may escape.
But I do not checkerboard and I explained to them that women fall in cycles. Say the four-Kursi verse read and read and read, first and blessings tail Sharif has made all around walls and srnathy left by the market. Perhaps it was the power of prayer or what effect Punjabi, we arrived around were greeted by shouting, smiling and national leaders like wool stores before passing it to the market, where We were driven to a high G above. Srdarjy presented us not only chair in the blink of an eye, our hand was cold bottle of soda water. He felt that in our old family ties. We asked respondents what they said, what you need kings of the store you go. They prepare all bags made of wool each color. I asked if they offered twenty bucks’ How’s the money? ” I said: ‘wool guarantee.’ Artificial mouth captain angry and said: ‘kings! You’re embarrassed. The shop is yours told you before and I say it again. All that is yours. ‘ Then when we asked them to write down our name. The law said: ‘You know his name is written on your forehead, you do not worry.’  We came home with happy wool in our home commotion in the neighborhood homes. But not only was the purchase of wool and not so open to acquisitions. It’s not just New Delhi and Muzaffarnagar, where it was srnarthy. He largesse peanuts and palaces built by the Trade and Development made a start. The fact that he himself srnarthy (refugee) also did not like to be called. He said that we were not in a shelter, if we come home and we did not ask him any charity. We rely on arm strength. They show us what he said dya.pnjab after the riots in India in the Hindu and Sikh from Punjab srnarthyun not part of. India, in particular the establishment of Delhi Punjabi srnarthyun 59 I-63 and many of us do not remember that we have experienced unpleasant incident. However, having many pleasant memories are still fresh.

(Book: humanity. Author: Dr. Abid Ghazi al. Publisher: Association development Urdu India, New Delhi.)

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