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China snatched the Netherlands

China snatched the Netherlands

China snatched the NetherlandsCanada and New Zealand, Germany and Norway at the end of the match.

Edmonton / Ottawa: Women’s World Cup in China and Thailand wins Asian teams should wind, Group ‘A’ huyy1-0 robbing the Chinese team defeated the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand to host a round of the competition being equal, Group B 3-2 to the Ivory Coast in Thailand dominate, 2-time champion Germany and Norway side 1-1 at the Rama.  The China beat the Netherlands 1-0 for three points, the second position is occupied by the Dutch player Christine Sinclair scored a rare chance, kick them five minutes before the final Whistle blower the ball went out of the goal post, the Chinese player Wang injury-time goal gave the team victory. Canada and New Zealand in Group ‘A’ in their second match without a goal equal to the hosts still four points top, kiwi Player aymbr heron playing 33 minutes a good chance but she substantial take advantage so, the team has won a match in the World Cup. 2 times champion of Germany in Ottawa and was 1-1 against Norway. Marine myjyld in the second half by scoring a goal in the partnership points entitled to the Norwegian side, to the 2003 and 2007 champions Germany aynja mytag scored in the sixth minute of the game, before the team’s 10-0 against Ivory Coast unilateral had a hat-trick in the victory.
Germany aurnaruy the conclusion of Group B in the holding positions 2 and reconciliation, Thailand in the same group while addressing the failure pchardya Ivory Coast 3-2 on Monday against Germany in the group round of the finals Thai Norway and Iceland will be one team will take the field against the Ivory Coast.

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