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We would love Pakistan when Pakistan?

We would love Pakistan when Pakistan?

We would love Pakistan when Pakistan70 thousand people took the bodies and did not unite the nation in India was hostility.

Recently India’s first Indian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister and the Minister from his rant against the Pakistan, India, Pakistan meet these threats had long been a soul. The government army and the opposition coming from India took on their statements and give a befitting reply to India rhetoric. Normally it is seen that the Pakistani, Pakistan were never in love.
But if there is even talk of rivalry with India, we are a good mutual differences. I will do. But it is quite true that the people with his happy occasions like Eid rituals but also a rivalry with India, which is a blink of an eye all the spells are a soul. Why not Pakistan and India also have been cross boundaries in the hostilities, Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Bangladesh have been admitted. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to break the terrorist organization has been helping Mukti Bahini. Bangladesh Mukti Bahini and the terrorist organization has been helping. It is enough to open the blood of the Pakistanis because Pakistan to make the sacrifices our forefathers and the role of India in the dulkt recognition is indeed recognized terrorism.

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