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The voices in support of Abdul Ajmal

The voices in support of Abdul Ajmal

The voices in support of Abdul AjmalSome merit in the PCB instead of making decisions based on personal likes and dislikes, the former spinner.

Lahore: The voices in support of Abdul Saeed Ajmal, who says that more opportunities be provided  off. The former star of the flu political tension between the India-Pakistan cricket series to avoid the destruction of the interest. To a question, Qadir said India has become the center of attention even more than the Ashes, holding the series must be scheduled in December. If not possible due to the matches in Pakistan in the UAE can be hosted, cold series of recent political tensions between the two countries avoided the destruction will be in the interest of cricket. He said Pakistan has always extended the hand of friendship, but I have adopted the custom in India to start a war of words.
Narendra Modi was first premiership. They want the best step to take note of those words, he had stated earlier that the improvement of relations between the neighboring countries have decided to revive cricket series. Keeping his promise to the issues forward in a positive direction is needed.

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