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Find innocence

Find innocenceThese tiny hands fashioned sense of the hardships and drug crimes with a possible return to a world where not invented.

Oe marble posts 12 numbers caught, Arshad mechanic workshop in the summons under the car mechanic has entered Arshad Iqbal alias posts worn his disciples was the voices, my car was tight for some WAPDA Town he had brought his old mechanic mechanics and they really do not hire expensive car. I drew a little map of the posts, the same shape of a 9.10 year gullible innocent boy. If the school uniform is of pretty boys but the two mobiles which were blackened and her face was too much soot. Now last time I came to the workshop mechanic Arshad if it was not there. ‘Take the coach No. 12 marble’, the car came to the posts cried aloud. ‘Go stay’ ayn speaks ptha.agun of Potatoes (speaks to) Arshad went out from under the car mechanic angry posts invoices to be a big hit. A hiss came from the mouth of the posts and two fat tears on her cheeks to add the line somewhere lost in the open collar. Which was not the fault of the other car hit a parked away having got to tighten a nut.

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