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India came out of a double standard

India came out of a double standard

India came out of a double standardIndia next month, three ODIs and Twenty 20 series against Zimbabwe will be 2.

Indian cricket board has come out openly once again double standards. Pakistan and other boards trailing separate scale, broadcast agreements are being seen eye to Pakistan.
Zimbabwe to the same channel without any objection from the contract announced to the team. Indian cricket series with Pakistan, which raised objections regarding the maintenance of the PCB was broadcast contract. The company boasts one of India’s major media group owned and Ashleigh said about the global planning is a rebel cricket league. Recently India when Pakistan was chairman of the board Shaharyar Tobias CCI officials regarding broadcasting kastrky be informed of their displeasure and demanded that the contract was terminated. The interesting thing is that the team next month, three ODIs and Twenty20 series against Zimbabwe will be 2, which has a contract with the channel. There was no objection to this, the team will arrive in Harare on July 7, will all be in the same city and they will return back to July 20. The three-Test series against Sri Lanka and India to negotiate with the broadcaster continues, the bud was only 14 million dollars, that is an LLC to a few million will bring more dollars. BCCI Sri Lanka did not allow the channel to contract, but he forced Pakistan to break long-term contract to the financial loss suffered fried.

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