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FIFA World Cup 2026 adjourned bidding

FIFA World Cup 2026 adjourned bidding

FIFA World Cup 2026 adjourned biddingFour days after being elected the fifth president Sepp Blatter on June 2 had submitted his resignation.

Samara / Russia: replacement of FIFA Sepp Blatter bidding for the World Cup postponed until 2026, a special meeting will be held in July in this regard. UEFA chief Michel Platini has been welcomed by the decision. AMI VITALE dance the Russian sports minister says the recent crisis no threat to our 2018 World Cup. The Netherlands 2018 World Cup, the Dutch / Belgian bid 1.5 million euros spent on the case dayrkrny FIFA decided to recover. The scandal affected by FIFA on Wednesday postponed the bidding for the 2026 World Cup. Secretary General Jerome walkways said during an event in Russia this time to begin the process of bidding for the tournament is useless. The decision to host the 2026 finals was in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, walkways Samara to visit one of the host venues for the 2018 World Cup preparations are reviewed. UEFA president Michel Platini was in Paris for the 2026 bidding welcomed the decision to kumltuy. Football’s world governing body, meanwhile, says the Executive Committee to the Congress in July will discuss several possible dates, it is blatrky alternative choice. Vice walkways said Blatter confident of our project on track and not a word in the bud the legal review are proposed. the Dutch city of the 2018 World Cup failed to get the 1.5 million euros spent on bidding for withdrawal FIFA has decided to sue. Putin kurayn der spokeswoman says if any of the signs of corruption may be a lawsuit.

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