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GB elections, the Pakistan example for

GB elections, the Pakistan example for

GB elections, the Pakistan example forAs soon as the opportunity to sign up to become corrupt.I hope the new government will not repeat this mistake and will make effective public service.

June 8 GB Legislative Assembly elections for 24 seats in the few passes pleasant and instructive events impressions. First thing in the history of Pakistan in the area were the most peaceful elections. Polling stations were peaceful people, standing in line waiting for their turn, had cast their ballots for their favorite candidates were returned. During the polling, counting of votes and announcement of results during or after any candidates or political parties, not by allegations of fraud. He accepted the results with an open heart. Picketing was not announced. Processions and not to challenge the results discussed. Thirdly, this election was the most interesting and important was the defeat of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party. Unfortunately, the previous government and assembly members to buy and sell government jobs, bribery, nepotism, corruption and bad governance was set up new examples.   It will continue to monitor the performance of your five-year-old.

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