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Corruption scandal, FIFA has taken official earthquake victims

Corruption scandal, FIFA has taken official earthquake victims

Corruption scandal, FIFA has taken official earthquake victimsBrzaku Argentinean president of a firm that is making athletic equipment.

Trinidad / Rome / Buenos Aires: FIFA corruption scandal embarrassing revelations continued, yesterday, before the report disputed the official Jack Warner, the earthquake also did not, the Haiti victims to 7 lakh 50 thousand dollars in aid consuming too had died. Argentine residents involved in the scandal, one of three Americans wanted in Italy surrendered to the police. The corruption allegations surrounding the former FIFA vice-president Warner sdrjyk payments under bank accounts details are facing new charges.
According to US investigators and Korean Football Association, FIFA Warner donated 7 million 50 thousand dollars to use emergency funds facing charges, funds for 2010 were victims of the Haiti earthquake. US investigators accused Warner lgayakh money for personal use under the guidance of life was transferred to the accounts. Warner in Trinidad last month at the request of US authorities arrested on charges of money laundering and corruption and is facing extradition.
In 2012, Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (PFF TT) had claimed that donated to Haiti relief Warner controlled bank account was submitted. FIFA said the 2 million 50 thousand dollars and 5 million dollars of South Korean FA FF TT account were paid special adviser to the Federation was in use. The allegations are a conspiracy monkeys, I do not need to answer to anyone, who want to apply charges. FIFA TT FF funding has been frozen. Warner consistently denied any wrong doing. Meanwhile FIFA scandal involving US nationals wanted by one of three Argentine Alejandro brza to in Italy surrendered to the police. US investigators say the 70-year-old Argentine brza to  50-year-old and 40-year-old son Hugo Mariano jenks jenks media rights partnership to win lucrative contracts had bribed regional football federations. I do not know anything about father and sons, bolzano city police say the lawyers of their brza to taken to the police station. Brza to he said nothing about the presence in bolzano. Local media say that renting a house outside the city, the planned application of detention. Brza to make Argentina a firm sports equipment.

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