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‘Now is the time for us in difficult sea’

‘Now is the time for us in difficult sea’

'Now is the time for us in difficult sea'

Environmental and marine pollution is going to be an honorary sysmndrun beauty and charm.

It is said about the sea is the heart of our land. Look at the vastness of the sea, comes the idea of the depth and universality.Waves crashing against the shore of the sea so lavishly kills countless ideas are born romantic type. Walking on the beach of its own beauty.

Devotee poet who also love the ocean depth and the depth of the eyes of love attributed to environmental and water pollution. But he is going to have to study the beauty and charm.Found in river waters are now gradually compassion.

The sea is always important for a person. Israel’s ruling Pharaoh and his army chased Moses had drowned in the sea.Surah Yunus says he is God the land and water (oceans) operates in.So when you riding in boats on favorable wind joy and rejoicing are traveling and suddenly is thrust against wind and waves from the storm surge that takes the traveler feel at home there.All their religion pure for Allah and pray ‘.

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