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French Open, Djokovic’s dream was incomplete

French Open, Djokovic’s dream was incomplete

French Open, Djokovic's dream was incomplete

Women’s doubles trophy named Lucy sfaruua aurbythny Sands is automatic.

Paris: French Open men’s singles Stan uaurnyka in Chaman destroyed the hopes of nuuk Djokovic, the Serbian star’s career Grand Slam dream was still incomplete, the Swiss player made his second major title, won in 25 years, Roland gyrus became the oldest player.French Open final, 30-year-old from Switzerland Stan uaurnyka while demonstrating excellent performances nuuk World number one Djokovic 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 beat. It was his second major title since the 2014 Australian Open.
In the last 25 years in the French Open champion, became the oldest player. Andres Gomes before the award was received in 1990. Djokovic uaurnyka 21th time against his competitor, and it is only the fourth victory. The failure of the Serbian star career Grand Slam dream was shattered.Means all four Grand Slam career Grand Slam, the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, winning three major awards hy.jukuuk have your name on the Roland gyrus during the last four years, their third defeat in the final.
If they succeed in this competition to win all four Grand Slam titles and become the world’s eighth man player.Serb player played in the 2015 third defeat in 44 contests. In this case, eight consecutive series victories in 28 competitions have been broken. It’s their eighth defeat in 16 Grand Slam finals, too.The Czech Republic’s Lucie sfaruua women’s doubles trophy and the name of their American partner bythny Sands was automatic.
In the final, how DeLuca and Kazakhstani player from Australia yaruslua syuduua dygrdusyts initial set 3-6 after failing to win 6-4 aur6-2.

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