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How to make money with Dailymotion Videos in URDU and HINDI

How to make money with Dailymotion Videos

Hello readers! Today, I’m going to write a very intrusting and harsh article for me. Everyone knows that many people are making money through YouTube, Tudou and other video channels. Today, I will tell you how to make money with a bit DailyMotion. You know, the bit DailyMotion is a video sharing website, such as YouTube. Bit DailyMotion has its own built-in video to make money platform for content owners and publishers to earn money from their videos online. This is a very clever factor because one does not need to register personal basis with a separate AdSense advertising platform, like the movie to make money.

Dailymotion official page

Now I create three special video for you. In the first video, you’ll see how to create an account DailyMotion bit in the second, you will learn how to make money as a publisher and a third, you’ll see how to use the site as an official DailyMotion. If you do not have any site, then you will be using bit DailyMotion publisher account, if you have the basis of a site’s content, then you will use both means publishers and official as well. So, my advice is that you come with me, to make their sites more money online without any investment. So, let us see the first video.

How to Create a Dailymotion Account:

Dailymotion Publisher Program:

This program is for those who do not have any site they want to earn a bit from the start DailyMotion then just gave way DailyMotion publisher account, and upload any videos appeared and announced the Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of user. You will also see from the bit DailyMotion on Facebook share some video regulerly This is because the revenue from the video. You can also DailyMotion obtained from the use of this SORCE position so as to make the video in accordance with my publisher account, you will be able to make money by sharing the video. Follow this link to enable released Dailymotion’s account “DailyMotion Publisher Program

Dailymotion Official Program:

This program content creators and content providers to make money videos, they have created or for their copyrighted material. Comply bit DailyMotion official website, they are currently on his or her film provides a revenue share of 70% of their official partners. Become and registered immediately become the official position DailyMotion user by accessing the link “DailyMotion official Program


How to make money with Dailymotion in URDU / HINDI

In this complete Dailymotion course you ‘ll learn about dailymotion online earning at home in Urdu Hindi language, Like: How to get money, how to get verified or partner channel etc.



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