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Natural sight successful return

Natural sight successful return

Natural sight successful return

The recent successful experience of giving back the natural vision soon will be able to save millions of people through the lens

Far optical solution to a disease has been present in the form of a plastic lens that will be installed in the same eye through surgery. According to experts, the natural lens of the patient will be able to restore vision. So far, none of the installed through surgery natural vision lens man did not return, although a major milestone in this regard the invention may be.

The long lens made of plastic called ‘Symphony’ was placed in. vision to solve the problems of mono-focal lens in the human eye have been installed completely eliminate the need unable.

Multi-focal lenses were used, but later minor fading never be completely installed to the lens of the eye, ” Daley ‘(hair) some changes in the structure would be located.
‘Symphony’ has successfully overcome this problem. This lens approximately six hours of its installation will be completed in turprkargr, hopefully in the near future it would treat the common man’s reach.

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