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Hajj Application Form 2015 Pakistan Last Date Download

Hajj Application Form 2015


Hajj Application Form 2015 Pakistan

You can Easily download the Hajj Application Forms 2015 Download from this page along with the Application Form Submission Bank List where you could easily submit your Hajj Application form. Ministry Of Religious Affairs Pakistan announced Bank List to Submit for Hajj 2015 Program & Hajj 2015 Application. You can get the details of Banks involve for Submitting form is listed here so that you do not have to search any more here and there and waste your time so simply visit this page till end it will clear your all ambiguities and will provide you the accurate information which really helps you in every aspect.

Hajj Application 2015 Pakistan in Urdu

The complete list of all the banks are listed here as candidates are only able to submit their Hajj Application in these bank. Hajj is the obligation in Islam and every Muslim must do Hajj for at least one Time in his whole life if he becomes eligible financially or Physically. Hajj Required both Finance and Physical Heath. Every year there are thousands of the Muslims go from the Pakistan to the Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj so now the government of Pakistan has announce that the Banks are ready to accept the Hajj Application forms 2015 from the March so all those Muslims who wants to perform hajj this year have to submit their form up to  the given dates the complete details of all the other information is listed here down on this page so have a look till end of this page.

Hajj Application Forms 2015 Download

Hajj Application Dates:

Hajj Applications 2015 will be available from 15th April, 2015 and the last date to submit the application is 20th April, 2015

Hajj Application includes new Policies and whole Plan of Government and other Regarding Notice about Hajj 2015. You Can download Hajj Application Forms 2015 just here through below given frame.

Hajj Application 2015


Hajj Policy 2015 Pakistan

In this article we will be discussing all the details about Hajj Policy 2015 in Pakistan. As we all know that very soon just within few months Pakistan People’s Party Government will all came to an end therefore they have initiated their final and lasting Hajj Policy 2015. This policy has been freshly introduced by the PML- N Government and the total expenditure for the policy has been set out as Rs. 246631.

This expense art is much higher as compare to the previous year Hajj Policy 2014. Well here we would like to mention that the quota of the Hajj Policy will be all remained just like the previous year that was 179,210. This time PML-N Government has decided that Hajj Policy applications will only be favoring all such applicants that will be submitting their forms first. In simple words, this policy will be preferring “First Come, First Arrive” motto.

Minister of Religious Affiars Khurshid Shah has stated that the basic reason for increasing the Hajj rates is because of the high rate of Dollar in the market. This statement was revealed in a meeting that was addresses by Khurshid Shah and Qamar ul Zaman Kaira. The very first flight for the Hajj travelers will leave from September.

In addition, this time Hajj Policy has also been accompanied with the rules and customs as well. All those people that have performed Hajj during the last five years they will not be allowed to perform the Hajj without Mehram. All the application forms will be revealed through the banks that will be offering the forms soon after the announcement of the Government. The applicants will be able to take hold over the application forms as soon as the Government will proclaim the proper schedule of the Hajj Policy. In addition to it, the service rates have also been all announced for the applicants. Following is the list of all the activities along with their rates:

  • Blue Category Air fees will be Rs. 12500.
  • All the compulsory Hajj dues will be Rs. 7645.
  • Qurbani Coupon will be Rs. 13,500.
  • Service charges will be Rs. 700 whereas the accommodation rates will be Rs. 2500.

Hajj Dues for Government Hajj Scheme

Official spokesman said on Sunday while addressing to the media that 143,000 Pakistani will perform Hajj this year and among them half will go under the government scheme and rest will be in other private group and and the dues for each person for Hajj 2015 is available on the table given below.

Place of Departure
Karachi/ Quetta/ Sukkar
Rs. 287, 381
Islamabad/ Peshawar/
Lahore/ Multan/ R.Y.Khan/
 Faisalabad/ Sialkot
Rs. 302, 381

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