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GREE AC Price in Pakistan

gree ac price in pakistan

Gree Ac Price in Pakistan. Gree Ac up to 60% Energy  Saving. Gree AC G10 Inverter AC in Pakistan Now. GREE G10 Inverter AC with 60% Energy Saving. Available in 1, 1.5 & 2.0 Models. Features: World Latest Inverter Technology, 2 Times Faster Cooling, DSP Chip, Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant, Precise Temperature Control, Heat & Cool Both Options.

Gree AC Inverters:

GREE Inverters: The Most Efficient Air Conditioners with 60% Energy Saving, 2 Times Faster Cooling, Latest G10 Inverter Technology, European Compliant Standard, Eco-Friendly 410A Refrigerant, Precise Temperature Control & High Speed DSP Chip.

Now Introducing

G10 Inverter Ac

1. World’s Latest Inverter Technology

2. High Speed DSP Chip

3. 2 Times Faster Cooling

4. Precise Temperature Control

5. Up to 60% Energy Saving

6. Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant

GREE Inverters are First ever European Compliant Air Conditioner in Pakistan with A+ energy ratings.

GREE AC Price in Pakistan

Gree 12CZ9 1 Ton
Rs. 41,500/-
Gree 18CZ9 1 Ton
Rs. 51,500/-
Gree 24CZ9 1 Ton
Rs. 64,500/-
Gree 12C1TH2 1 Ton Inverter
Rs. 64,000/-
Gree GS-12CZ8A 1 Ton
Rs. 41,500/-
Gree GS-12CZ8S 1 Ton
Rs. 41,500/-
Gree GS-12CZ8W 1 Ton
Rs. 41,500/-
Gree 18C1TH2 1.5 Ton Inverter
Rs. 84,000/-
Gree GS-18CZ8S 1.5 Ton
Rs. 51,500/-
Gree GS-18CZ8W 1.5 Ton
Rs. 51,500/-
Gree 24C1TH2 2 Ton Inverter
Rs. 105,000/-
Gree GS-24CZ8W 2 Ton
Rs. 64,500/-


Available Models:

GS-12CITH1 – 12,000 BTU – 1.0 Ton

GS-18CITH1 – 18,000 BTU – 1.5 Ton

GREE TVC Airing on Major Channels:

GEO News, ARY News, ARY Digital, Dunya TV, Samaa News,Waqat TV, City 42, KTN, AVT Khyber, Hum TV, Urdu 1, TV 1 & HBO


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