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23 March Pakistan Day

23 March Pakistan Day

23 March Pakistan Day

March 23 is the day the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent political victory. Most important political principles in politics and political insights that profiling is important to timely larger political movements are able to place in a footnote to the books and their characters become a leader instructive stories who would become a role model is not considered.

On March 23, the day of the political victory of the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent, is day by day in history, the history behind it can not be understood without understanding the importance of Pakistan resolution

Punjabis like daylight came to celebrate the festival was the British officer fry it in response to the flood came, and took the name of stopping. Public reaction to the abolition of the traditional club politics. Mahatma Gandhi 5 days after the newspaper ‘Harijan’ article in the event of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre victims ‘martyr’ refused to accept the cobbler door meeting in Mian Hussain in crop Allama Iqbal famous American udruulsn 14 points referring to the amount in 1918, which was a few months ago.

Speaking of marine businesses and national freedom of his 14 points in the German Chancellor Bismarck sought to eliminate colonialism, such as the meaning and memory of the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Allama Iqbal in the meeting.Remove. To pollute the politics of the subcontinent caliphate, migration and movements such as the development of non-cooperation, but these movements away from Iqbal and Quaid proved wise.

Between 1929 to 1921 the Indian Independence Act of 1919, the British government under limited voting consistently hold elections at the provincial level. Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Motilal Nehru, despite the opposition of the Khilafat Committee, CR Das Iqbal and Quaid since everyone participated in them. 1930 is the year when Iqbal read his historic speech in the ‘new dawn’ was as expected. If Iqbal Nehru Committee to be the same, but generally require the defendant, was the dominant vision. Communal Award 1932 Lucknow Pact return to somewhat Iqbal contract to write his historic speech Allahabad rightly Dark Khoda (Pit fall) had said.

Liberal, Muslim League and the Communal Award Punjab Unionist Party acknowledges that because of Punjab and Bengal somewhat ubngalyun majority of Muslim Punjabis thy.albth Gandhi Communal Award was granted against death and broken Fills when the British Shudras, schedule kastun, fights and ualmykyun separate seats, instead of the Hindu vote count dya.mhatma had time smell. Of 1935 was enacted so intelligent, Fazal Hussain Sikandar his colleagues, distinguished Ambassador, Feroz Khan Noon, etc. that he is called.

We now have the time to vote gradually smaller landlords, rich peasants and merchants interests have also taken on a political level. Crop Hussein’s right hand if Ram Shorty ‘minded’ Lands Act of 1929 against the 1901 amendments were made in 1936, but the strong increase in the third and Punjabi farmers were immortalized forever. Sumyy luck, provided that the number of small farmers, small ram through the Unionist Party in the 1937 elections voted for Punjab.

In the 1937 elections, there were clear indications for those with political vision. But the All-India Congress and its supporters are rolling in fake pride. A total of eleven provinces of the election battle on the All 1585 seats. Congress won 707 seats which were less than 50 per cent. But careful tasryh that Congress is behind the sub-continent. So when analyzing intellectual supporters of Congress are also the provincial seats and the number of provinces writes openly that Congress was eleven wins in 7 provinces. If we look at the election results 33 of 108 in Assam, NWFP servants of God in the 50, 19, 60 in Sindh, 7, and 54 of 250 in Bengal and Punjab Congress 175 were found only 18 seats.

Among the eleven provinces of the Muslim League and the Congress won 397 seats, while other parties independently managed toll was 385. More than 50 per cent of the seats were won neither they nor the Confederate Congress. The sole representative of the Indian Congress understood the lesson learned from the election results. Worse, secular, progressive nationalist intellectuals still ‘Malice League, analyzing the results of 1937 are not realistic. It was also interesting that NWFP example tqrybaady independent candidates won 24 of whom had had.

Srabdalqyum Khan became the first Chief Minister of NWFP Sahibzada but a few months later, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was toppled them together. Successful in the NWFP 6 Hindu and Sikh members sided with the two Khans was led by Girdhari Lal was also beats the dealer. In the election of 1937 Muslims in Muslim minority provinces generally combined with Jamiat Ulama Muslim seats in these provinces baptized 8 to 12 per cent of the total number of the seats had no meaningful role in the assembly did not fit.

After the 1937 election was the idea that Muslims Muslim minority seats would be no incentive to rely on. If these provinces became ministries shivered when Congress began to climb. Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose reservations and despite opposition from Congress, CPI and the imposition of Hindi language schools, etc. enemy ‘Mataram’ policies such as the anthem to commend the Congress broke becoming endured. Quaid was on the 1937 election results after the defeat of the Muslim League in the Muslim-majority provinces have embarked on a strategy to popularize the 23 day of March, crossed his mind changed.

The Bengal tiger crop A. Haq, who agreed to join the Muslim League in Bengal Chief Minister and party leader of the people were farmers. Punjab Unionist Party, however, that they had more difficulty than the Bengal tiger was very strong. Thus, Jinnah. Alexander contract ‘was’. Quaid-e-Punjab and Bengal in 1938 after receiving support were looking for the right opportunity.

It is important for the month of September 1939, the month World War II began. Hitler’s attack on Poland because it is regarded as the beginning of the war. Two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany before they are ready. The Japanese and chains even before the war had been going on Chinese territory in 1931 Japan, Manchuria, was captured and 1937, both countries were involved. Lord Viceroy of India and British colonization of India, bound for India to become an ally of Britain was at war.

Congress on the occasion ” master ” But he decided to blackmail the 1937 election results and the performance of ministries Forgot Congress. October 1939, resigned from Congress ministries, but the shrewd Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the false pride ‘saved the day’ was persuaded pursue. Congress had considered that they put pressure on the British Empire and the Muslim League, the benefits of taking the lead on rivals will get. The turning point came with the Punjab and Bengal Azam drar that they claim was eventually broken up into Congress. Although Congress in 1947 took his revenge by making the partition of Punjab and Bengal, between September 1939 and 23 March 1940, it happened that the Congress has identified the wrong political insight.

Consider, his birthplace Bengal Muslim League meeting mynmnaqd it did not, nor capital, Delhi was selected for this meeting. Choose Lahore March 23, 1940, because it was important for the politics of the Congress was defeated in the Punjab Lahore tha.mqam set her heart was also reflects the priorities have changed. Between January 1937 and September 1939, when Muslims were looking for an opportunity to weaken the grip of Congress. During this time he increased his support in the Punjab and Bengal decisive moment came when wars are effective.

It’s the mind, which in September 1939, provided that the ministries after separating some of the space filling if it was born. But on this occasion, was found constitutional and legal way. Spring constant elected legislators and the PML-N leader Imam said in an interview, recalling the days when we were ready Lahore resolution before us American, British and Russian were dstatyr. US Constitution, we found the situation more closely and Lahore resolution prepared in the same terms.

Since September 1939, Congress general and especially after March 23, 1940, was fighting a harcky. India’s claim that he was involved in politics and the Congress an English couplets powers. PML eating so they did not count the same claim in the 1942 ” Leave India ‘movement was not with them, while the Liberal and Communist example of courage intemperate Subhash Chandra Bose Mahatma Gandhi, Azad and GD Birla Congress had pulled himself together.

The end of the conflict was held on June 3, 1947, Nehru, Patel, Azad and Gandhi himself agreed a deal which was guaranteed in Pakistan. Subhash Chandra Bose, including Rajagopalacharya Congress leader who was also between 1939 and 1947, Patel, Gandhi, Nehru tried to explain but they were unable to find a middle path.

Resolution of 23 March 1940, lot dimensions, which featured brqt decision and political victory. March 1940, on this day, 75 years ago today in Lahore resolution, which was adopted without knowing the background of the importance of this can not be evaluated.

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