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Obama Administration Formally Nationwide Support Gay Marriage Today News

Obama Administration Formally Nationwide Support Gay Marriage Today News

Obama Administration Formally Nationwide Support Gay Marriage Today News

Washington state ban on same-sex marriage (CNN) calls “unconstitutional,” The Obama administration on Friday in support of the couple who are challenging Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee made a brief in the US Supreme Court.

“The challenge in these cases, do not allow the exclusion of gay marriage ban a couple of rights, responsibilities and marital status of citizens,” Attorney General Donald B. Verrilli small writes. He said the country had “in all aspects of life, marriage touches, from the mundane to the profound burden petition.”

Brief marks the first time the government has formally proposed to declare the high court in support of its position that prohibit gay marriage should be declared unconstitutional in the country.

The court will hear the case in the state on April 28 arguments.

Verrilli said, “concrete harm imposed on same-sex couples, and to send a message inevitable, same-sex couples and their children are the family of the second class, unworthy of recognition and benefits to heterosexual couples take for granted.” Legal

The ban, he said, “can not be reconciled with the basic constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the law.” He said, “There is not enough reason, such discrimination and harm the exercise of state control.”

Verrilli emphasized that gay people throughout history have encountered many obstacles, “full of life from the United States, freedom and equal participation stop them.”

In a column published in USA Today earlier this week, Attorney General Eric Holder, wrote: “Marriage equality is an ideological era has arrived.”

US President Barack Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage evolved.

May 2012, in an interview with ABC News, he announced his support for same-sex marriage. “At some point,” he said, “I just finished, for me personally, for me, would be affirmed, I believe that same-sex couples should be able to get married is very important.”

In his 2013 inauguration, he said, “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone by law.”

In February 2013, the court brief on behalf of a friend of the Obama administration’s proposed ban gay marriage in California a couple challenges. Verilli believes that California law marriage is registered as domestic partners, same-sex couples all the legal matters, but denied their “marriage title.” Ultimately, the Supreme Court dismissed the case.

Supporters of the ban on the country until the end of briefs submitted. Thursday is the deadline to support the petition presentation.

By James Obergefell, named plaintiff’s case came to court Friday, the human rights movement, support gay marriage delivered a brief signed more than 20 million people.

In an interview, Obergefell said his journey began when he refused to recognize the challenge in Ohio death certificates gay marriage. He is legally married to his partner, John Arthur James, after Maryland in 2013, but Arthur’s death, officials refused to acknowledge Obergefell Ohio as his spouse.

When asked which would mean to him if his side wins, Obergefell said, “This would mean John and I do not care. That means we have the same rights and responsibilities as other Americans.”

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