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Missing MH 370 will be found

Missing MH 370 will be found

Missing MH 370 will be found

Malaysia’s flight 370 disappeared in March last year was eight.

Malaysian Transport Minister says he is confident that the aircraft disappeared a year ago to 370 m in the Southern Ocean will be found.

Leo T. Ong Lai told the BBC that the search will continue until the plane.
Malaysia believes that flight 370 was missing the last eight March 239 people were on board. The ship was going to Beijing to Kuala Lumpur.

Investigators search for it until this weekend is going to publish a report.
According to the Associated Press news agency reports will be submitted to the government to highlight.

Australia Southern Ocean in search of the aircraft involved is leading an international team.
BBC correspondent Malaysian police are investigating whether the disappearance of the aircraft was an accident or some other factors behind the police so far, so we did not give details of the research .

This year, the Malaysian government, including all the passengers of flight 370 had declared to be lost, so that it can compensate the families of passengers.

But the country’s transport minister has promised to bring Leo T. Ong until the plane will not stop the search process.

Speaking to reporters, he said: “We are confident that the search process will be completed by May this year and we hope to find the plane. ‘


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