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Wi-Fi Sky, Internet Free Like Rain

Wi-Fi Sky, Internet Free Like Rain

Wi-Fi Sky, Internet Free Like Rain

Google ‘Titan’ drone of the Internet is planned.┬áBarcelona: Internet sunshine, wind and rain is not available as free? Organizations like Google and Facebook are working on now brought the Internet free. The companies argue that the Internet is a fundamental right, not a need, but how is it possible to outline the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday was presented. Google’s Internet balloons and solar drones has more details on the Internet will broadcast signals. Facebook chief Mark mentioned earlier Berg offered by many Internet Predators description.

Sky Wi-Fi

Google in the conference told about their famous project Lone balloon in the lower elevations while on the ground will provide inexpensive Internet and Wi-Fi can be called divine. Google said at the conference that the Internet bubbles remain in the air for six months on the Internet can provide. This limit was only 100 days before.

Google Internet drone

Among balloons Google ‘Titan’ drone of the Internet is planned. The drones will fly to the sun’s energy and natural disasters not only in normal conditions but also in order to provide the Internet can be used for relief operations. Titan Aerospace company was bought by Google in April 2014 which has built a solar drones can stay in the air for fifty years.

Laser and satellite Internet

Facebook chief Mark Berg, according to the company ‘connectivity lab has launched a new project called the Free Internet Service is undertaking experiments. The drone, satellite and laser, everything is included. Last year, the director of the lab announced that Yale size Boeing 747 in 2015 will experience a Wi-Fi drones that within 60 to 90 thousand feet will provide the Internet. Berg said that the Internet is not included in the project balloons. Both Facebook and Google are interested more in Africa where the majority of people are deprived of the Internet infrastructure, but there are also two institutions financial interest.

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