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How to lose weight the fat lady?

How to lose weight the fat lady?

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New York (the remaining files), a 34-year-old American woman who was accused of fat that his nephew was killed by her down after 11 operations was 360 kg weight. According to Mayer weight was 450 kg, which they could not burn Hill. Due to its heavy body and every kind of difficulty speaking was hardly felt in 2008 that the allegation that his nephew was dropped. which he killed in a US court case that cla.as case because it is a half-ton of qatl’ka mla.bad it was addressed to his sister’s sin cast the veil my nephew was killed and his head was a failed attempt.

However, he was acquitted of the charges and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his sister the day. mayra condition worsened due to their excess weight was a time that the wall had broken out of the house. Mayer then decided that they would lose weight at all. Finally, in 2011, he had surgery and 11 different operations of the 360 ​​kg weight and now weighs 90 kg. Treatment of Maori Houston, Texas, went to the hospital where he was rapidly losing weight. Now she’s sharing your photos on Facebook in which he told his friends. I’m a normal woman, and now she’s got a boyfriend. He says that he has repented of food and drink and eat as much food necessary to survive.

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