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How to repair a mysql database from cPanel-Easiest guide

How to repair a mysql database from cPanel-Easiest guide

Mysql databases are one of the most important section for a website. Things go worse when any table or DB gets corrupted. Because of some bugs & some unusual process the tables get corrupted affecting the whole database and thus the performance of the website.

Here I’ll tell you how to repair the MySQL database if you are a cpanel user. If you want to do it from console, please wait for our next article

Repair mysql Database Using cPanel

It is the simplest option to repair mysql DB. below are the steps (screens)


1. Open cpanel

2. Under databases section, click on Mysql databases

3. Now under Modify databases section, you can select and repair any database you want.

Repairing MySQL DB from PHPmyadmin

In this method you will have to repair tables. you can repair tables on by one or can select all tables of a database at once.


  1. Open Phpmyadmin (from cPanel)
  2. Click on the database you want to repair. It will open all the tables of that DB.
  3. Select all the tables and from the drop down menu given below.
  4. Select repair table option to repair all the selected tables in one go.

Note: You might get the error note: The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair while repairing. It is a minor error, you can solved it easily. Read the guide here

I hope this was an easy to do for you. Let me know if you find problems while repairing your databases.

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