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How to Install Zpanel on Centos-Setup zpanel in 5 minutes

How to Install Zpanel on Centos-Setup zpanel in 5 minutes

zPanel is the most preferably choice for cPanel alternative. It is free, light and smoothly designed. Here is how you can Install zPanel on Centos 7 (any Centos version>=6).

To install zPanel on your server, you need these things

  • An unmanaged  VPS Server with CentOS 6+ installed
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Root details of the VPS Server

zPanel is a free file control panel for managing files & performing actions on your server. In simple words, it is the most desirable free alternative of cPanel which has almost all features that cPanel has. I am installing the latest version of  zPanel (10.1.1) on my centos 6.5 VPS server.

Steps to install zPanel on CentOS

Pre-installation steps (ensure if the system is ready): You need to stop and remove apache, PHP , MySQL if they’re already running. You only need the OS. And an updated system as well.

Perform this command to update scripts

yum -y update

during the update process, if you geet any error,use the command below

yum -y remove qpid-cpp-client

& then run the 1st script again to update system.

Once done, reboot the VPS.

zPanel 10.1.1 -Installation Steps

1. You need to  download the installer file by performing this command

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/CentOS-6_4/10_1_1.sh



2. Make the installer executable

chmod +x 10_1_1.sh


4.  & Now you need to run the installer by performing this command.

Here you will be asked, FQDN, External IP & timezone. Set them accordingly. (Read FAQ section)




Once done, the installation will begin which will hardly take 5 minutes to complete and then the completion message along with login details will appear. (screenshot below)


In the above screenshot, we can see after installation completion the screen shows you the zPanel username, password, mysql username & password. (copy them at a safe place).

Now access the IP in the browser, (In my case, it was, you will be getting a login page of zPanel where you can login with the provided login details and perform further actions, such as adding domains or creating new account.


Commonly asked Questions on zPanel Instalaltion

What is FQDN?

In the middle of installation, it asks for FDQN (fully qualified domain name), you can put your hostname there. Something similar to demo.yourdomain.com, (always a sub-domain)

What is an External IP?

You need to write your IP address there.

What should be the timezone?

You can go with the default timezone and later change that from zPanel visual interference once it gets installed.

How much time the whole process takes?

The whole process took 10 minutes for me. However depending upon the connectivity, it should not take more than 30 minutes.

My server has cPanel pre-installed in it, how can i install zpanel in it?

Well, this method works on purely blank OS with nothing installed except the OS. If you want to switch from cPanel to zPanel, the easiest way is to backup the data, reload the OS and make a fresh installation of zPanel.

Do I need to install apache, PHP & MySQL additionally?

No, zPanel comes with pre-installed PHP, mysql & apache, you donot need to separaetly install them.

How do I install zPanel on 64bit OS?

The same set of commands will work for both 32bit and 64 bit OSs.

Let me know, if you have any issues or problems with zPanel installation. In my next article I’ll tell you how to setup and make a domain live with zPanel.

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