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Easiest Way to Install GD Library on WHM for VPS/Dedicated

Easiest Way to Install GD Library on WHM for VPS/Dedicated

GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist

The above is the common problem which occurs generally with WordPress themes. If you are also facing imagecreatetruecolor error or if you need to Install GD library module on your web server, dont panic. It’s a very easy task to do.

GD Library is a PHP module which is used widely in WordPress themes. Absence of this modules displays errors on websites eg: –imagecreatetruecolor

Note: If you are facing issues on your VPS/Dedicated, then you can solve it on your own but if you are on a shared server, you will have to contact your host & ask him to activate GD library module for you.

How to Install GD Library module on a cPanel/WHM Server

1. Login to VPS/Dedicated server WHM as root

2. Click on  Software & then click on EasyApache (Apache Update)

3. Click on ‘start customising based on profile‘ & go further with default apache & PHP configuration

4. First you will be getting Short Option List

5. Click on Exhaustive Option List & then select/check GD from the  list


6. Then click on Save & Build button, It will ask the confirmation for recompilation, go further & compile apache. You will be redirected to a screen showing the apache rebuilt process.

Once the process gets complete, you won’t be observing the error anymore. The apache compilation process takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

It was an easy step by step tutorial to Install PHP GD Library module via WHM (on CentOS, Ubunu & all other flavours). Let us know if you need assistance on the same.

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