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Disable cPanel/WHM redirection to https-How to Remove SSL Error

Disable cPanel/WHM redirection to https-How to Remove SSL Error


Today I got an email from one of my reader asking support on WHM.

When I am opening my cPanel/WHM it is redirecting to https protocol or showing a security certificate warning. What to do?

Well that’s a minor error with cPanel enabled domains & If you’ve not installed SSL there, you will be getting a warning  page saying “Site Security certificate not trusted”  whenever you will open cPanel, WHM or webmail.


Anyway, this is not something to worry about & you can easily open WHM/cPanel by clicking the Proceed anyway button but if you want to remove this error completely, read this tutorial.

Note: You need to be with VPS/Dedicated server with root access to do that. If you are on a shared or reseller linux server, please contact your server administrator, they will be doing it for you.

Steps to Remove HTTPS redirection from cPanel/WHM

  1. Login to WHM as root
  2. Under server configuration, Click  on Tweak settings
  3. Click the Redirections tab (snapshot below)
  4. Check off button for Always redirect to SSL


5. Follow the tweaks done in the snapshot above & Click on save changes. It will restart the cPanel daemons.


Now open your domain cPanel or WHM, it won’t redirect you to https or port 2083 or port 2087.

Note: cPanel port is 2082 but secure port is 2083, similarly for WHM default port is 2086 & secure port is 2087.

The Better Option for You-My Suggestion

If you are owning a VPS/Dedicated server, you should not remove the https redirection. Although the browser will show you that the security certificate is not trusted but https protocol will encrypt your root detail input every-time & that’s how it protects your data from being theft. But if you are being asked from your clients to remove the https protocol, you’re left with no options!

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