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Google.com.pk Search Engine Top 1 in Pakistan

google.com.pk Google Search Engine Pakistan

Google.com.pk Search Engine Top 1 in Pakistan

Pakistan. Advanced searchLanguage tools. Google.com.pk offered in: اردو · Advertising Programs google adsense and google adwords. About GoogleGoogle.com. © 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Because of our mission to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful part of … a new version of Google Morewe’re test forum. Google forum is a free service that helps people communicate effectively using email and the web. Each group has hosted by Google, members can start new discussions or reply to older topics page. Each group has its own e-mail address in order to help their members to stay in contact with each other. You can read and search all public.

  • Google’s free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: Urdu, Urdu, Esperanto
  • As Google’s growth began to walk in the fields and small businesses bought by consumers to move their services plays an important role in.
  • 6 hours ago – on Google’s Blogger platform to publish pornographic material to private blogs have changed my mind.

Google mtsrk. A US public company whose main goal for the users to search the Internet and electronic messaging is supported.

But besides Google and also provides many useful services to our customers.
Its central office, which Google plks (Googleplex) is called, Mountain View (Mountain View) California (California) is located in.

Google’s revenue depends on the biggest Internet Advertising (Internet-Advertising) and a computer suftuyyr (Computer-Software) is on sale.
Then Google the total number of employees is close to twenty thousand [citation needed] The total annual income is more than sixteen billion dollars.


January 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two individuals that Stanford University PhD student in California, founded research project gathered and Google. The main objective of this project was to classify opportunities, no matter on Links. Serge engine back to his Lord (BackRub) name, and it began its work.

Eric Schmidt left. Sergey Brin and Larry Page
Soon users to Google’s simple design (Interface) and search results in the best possible start liking.
By 2000, he led an authentic Serge engine was stable in the Internet.
Google at the same time, those words which help users find what they were doing (Search-Keyword-Ads) name began to get advertisements.
These ads appear on the page where users search results they saw that it was the quality of the ads just consist of words and do not adversely affect the health of consumers.
Google has a tradition established yet.

Buy institutions:

As Google’s growth in other areas, he began to walk and buy small companies began to move their services by users.
Google dynamism (Moto) Do not be evil (Do’nt be Evil) makes it clear that the main aim is to serve the institution and not return it.

Google campus:

Keeping the same basis as much dynamism Google has offered free services to its users and the companies that bought most of them had been selling their products to consumers, such as the Hole (Keyhole Inc) program of the computer Earth Viewer (Earth-Viewer), which Google bought the company and its customers receive a free part.
The following is a list of the main institutions that periodically bought by Google and offered his services free to users.

Applied smyntks in April 2003 (Applied Semantics) ten million dollars to the company bought for $ 102,000,000. The company’s main service lfzy ads (AdSense, AdWords) is the collection and dissemination.
In June 2004, Baidu (Baidu), which is 6 percent of Chinese language search engine bought for $ 5,000,000 million dollars.

In July 2004, Picasa (Picasa) bought the company. The organization brings images to configure and making business presentations. Gugkl it free for users everywhere.
Hole in October 2004 (Keyhole, Inc) bought the company. The company’s main service Weaver Earth (Earth-Viewer) was the sale of the program. Gugkl buy it Google Earth (Google Earth) called and made a part free for customers.

Concurrent Engineering Group in July 2005 (Current Communications Group) bought the company for $ 100,000,000 million. The rapid acquisition of this important service Links (Broadband internet access) supplies.
In December 2005, the famous America Online (AOL) of a 5 percent stake in the company bought a billion dollars to $ 1,000,000,000. The company’s main services customers the convenience of email and messenger (AOL-Messenger) is delivering the program.

Last software in March 2006 (Last Software @) bought the company. The company’s main service co-directional writing sample (3 D modeling) program was making and selling. Google bought the sketch you Google (Google Sketchup) called and made a part free for customers.

In October 2006 the famous YouTube (YouTube) one billion six hundred million dollars to the company bought for $ 1,650,000,000. Links to watch the video on the company’s main service is to show (Video-Sharing) Google further improved.

Double-click in April 2007 (DoubleClick) the institution of $ 3,100,000,000 bought three billion dollars is now tdsuly and advertise your ISP user (Website) may show up and take charge of Google can return.
In July 2007, Posten (Postni) sixty-two million dollars to the company bought for $ 625,000,000. The company’s main service Gmail (Gmail) supplies.

Eric Schmidt left. Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Current Status:

Today, ten years in the modern era where computers (Computer) and the Internet (Internet) is the enormous growth and numerous companies are offering similar services from Google, there is still the forefront.

The people who run the place of your hard work and enthusiasm derived from the above, it has not come down. When it was launched on the market, Yahoo (Yahoo) had a monopoly on the MSN (MSN) was right behind him. In addition, Microsoft’s Bing search engine than Google my own name began to it has not gained the trust of customers.

Listed companies in both long and compete with Google is changing their position, but now Google has often played himself in the Internet market and a competitor in this field for a long time does not appear. That is a good thing for users with the passage of time not only more new Bernama Google Maps and services is poised to introduce them to the other institutions have been forced to improve their services so that they can compete with Google.

For example, a few years ago MB mailbox users were forced to use Yahoo was still gives our customers the MB mailbox.

B has exceeded. If other agencies to combat the forced large your mailbox for a free Gmail has 15 GB of memory.

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