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Public photos on Facebook code to delete

Public photos on Facebook code to delete

Public photos on Facebook code to delete

Laxman immediately report the problem to Facebook’s security team.

An online security researcher says that the photos on Facebook Privacy Setting ‘public’ any person on those four lines of code can easily delete.

Laxman mthyya Facebook apps used to make the tool was tested with Graph API.

During the experiment on your photos a picture of the code to delete a way to manipulate heard.

He wrote on his blog that “without knowing what you have to be dlyt your photos? You will not feel bad enough? All images in the public’s privacy settings can delete. ‘

Laxman said he immediately report the problem to the Facebook security team.
“He identified the problem very quickly performed and resolved within two hours.

This issue was not the result of someone’s work and no personal images and data are affected by it.

We want to thank the researcher who identified the problem we reported it to us through the program. ‘

The idea of ​​the program tht’aklaqy Facebook problems, computer hacker can identify threats to the site.

To identify such problems sometimes receive cash prizes and some of the site’s name are written on a page.

Laxman on his Facebook photo of the message, which is published as the reward of wrongdoing Facebook has offered him 12 thousand dollars.

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