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Maybe go to Mars and never come back

Maybe go to Mars and never come back

Maybe go to Mars and never come back

This mission was applied to two million people. Students of the University of Birmingham, UK Louis Magee will come out next week, one-way trip to Mars, the planet has been selected to go on or not.

24-year-old Magee Birmingham University PhD in astronomy and space are subject. His name is among 600 million Mars One of the candidates have been shortlisted for the mission.
They were chosen for this mission so for the next ten years will be trained.

Mars One plan every two years after 2025 will be sent four men on Mars and 40 people on the planet, it will continue to reside.

Holland for the project up to four people on Mars four billion pounds and its funding needs are private institutions and ordinary people.

For the project are just stumped up nearly half a million pounds.
Many of these projects would count Mars is one under which people are trying to send to the planet Mars. But the strange thing is that this project “reality” TV show that will be elected by and from there sent to Mars Life on Mars will also be broadcast on TV.

Magee living in Coventry count is in the many British citizens who have been shortlisted for the project and we had many questions to ask.
Why do not you will benefit Magee?

About 6 billion dollars are needed for this project.

You will not miss your relatives and friends?

Yes it is true that I do not ever get your relatives and friends in America, but you can see their photos and the internet would be able to contact them. ”
Your family and friends have opinion about it?

They probably think I’m crazy and that his desire to be selected for this mission. Especially my mother, thinking that I’m joking. She says that when you are going and when you will go away so I can take your money.

You will be sorry to leave their loved ones?

I will be so sad if I had to choose the option that will happen to me if I am or not. If you do not select at least I will not have a difficult decision.
If the Internet was bad?

If so, would be very bad, I would not be able to contact family. However, the training will be given and we hope that we will fix such errors.


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