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Beautifull Picture

We in Bali about two weeks, a family of three in August, and had a wonderful stay in Ubud and Lovina beautiful villa. When we arrived here villa Tegenan, we are very disappointed, almost checked out of time. It does not match the description and there are many problems:

1. The pool is green, full of algae and unswimmable. As described in the specification, because it does not have privacy and have three other villas looking into it is not exclusive.
2. What kind of garden photos. They are disheveled, and there is no road in front of the fence shown in their descriptions.
Upstairs there is a small three bedroom, a small living space and a bathroom. The walls are only half the height, which means that they did not go all the way to the ceiling. If you sleep four people (two bedrooms and two sofa), as well as from the bathroom, but also hear the sound of no privacy.
4. shower, you have to go through the external stairs down (in your pajamas, O), which is visible in the streets of the plains. If it rains, you will have to punch in the rain.
5. The villa is very close from a villa (only 2 meters away). You can hear the conversation from the other villa, has laundry hanging outside to see if you sit in the living room downstairs.

The villa offers no privacy, no comfort in Flipkey site description. In addition, care taker we have never seen, and only reluctantly cleaning lady who did what, is to sell our boat ride with her husband’s boat snorkeling more intense. In the food pantry fungi. AC never closed. The bathroom door did not lock. And these are just a few things to show how neglected the villa compared to other in the same price range in Bali. We have never been registered as a guard with our passports tourists (as must in Bali!)

We wrote to Steve and request a refund. After weeks of back and forth exchange, he promised 30% refund, but only remitted half.

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