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BSNL Online Bill Payment. bsnl,bsnl Landline/FTTH Bill payments,bsnl Cellone bill payments,bsnl Mobile recharge/topup. Landline Bill payments,Cellone bill payments,Mobile recharge/topup. Landline Bill payments,Cellone bill payments,Mobile recharge/topup. Bill Enquiry *Instructions: Enter Landline number along with STD code.

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BSNL Online Bill Payment

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BSNL Online Bill Payment

How to get a duplicate bill?

Repeat bill indicating the amount of the bill is available from the Customer Relations Officer region. The same can also be obtained from the Accounts Officer Telephone revenue you bring in. This facility is not levied. Details of the non-payment by the interactive voice response system (IVRS) where installed can also be called? Fax image of the bill obtained by voice.

How to get rental rebate?

Due to the reasons provided rent rebate department lock, motorcycle to the user when the service had a long break. Range of services according to the proportion of the refund will be given seven days to rent time from 14 days interrupted

When the 30 days of rent rebate will be given to customer service more than 15 days, but less than 30 days interrupted. Will issue more than a month for the service interruption rata refund of rent. In all these cases the rebate will appear in the number of free calls allowed reduced accordingly.

If the rent rebate will not automatically give the user can represent his district engineer telephone exchange (internal).

How do I get reconnection after disconnection?

If you reconnect disconnected from the date of request within three months, and then connect the charge will be collected banknotes dues.The reconnection will be reconnected by a subsequent telephone bill.The be allowed after being levied by the customer relations director probably in the same day or the next day.

If it is more than three months, the number of cables and a pair of the indicator is not guaranteed. However, if he applies to reconnect, it will be about the AO (TR) to collect all the contributions, including handling charges after reconnect. Security deposit will also be reviewed and further requirements necessary.

The case six months or more, for example, the line is considered permanently closed. However, in the discretion vested, deputy general manager of the parties may approve reconnect In this case, the intervention rent is levied in addition to the pending bill, reconnect fee and security deposit, if you fall in any case of (b) and (c ) reconnect AN (NPO) will be issued to the field unit to reconnect the line

Where do I get details about Outstanding Bills?

Excellent telephone charges can be obtained from the director of customer relations area. Revenue is also available from your telephone account regional officials, if the bill is overdue for more than three months. Can also be called by an interactive voice response system (IVRS) where payment details are not installed. Fax image of the bill obtained by voice.

What is the due date of issue of telephone bill?

Telephone charges by the second exchange zone (SSAS). The date can be determined from the summit to the customer heads of special services. Date timetable telecom circle / metro area currently identified telephone, telephone charges keep in mind better customer service and improve the collection efficiency of the dual goals.

What is the periodicity of bill?

Customers in more than 3,000 calls a month to let the current monthly billing, and all other products being promoted bimonthly.

What is the payment procedure for the bills?

Phone bills can be paid according to the customer in cash or by demand draft before local / check or moneyorder of “pay_by_date”, cash counter in any BSNL, the customer service center, chief technology officer / DTO, etc., located inside concern SSA. After paying the bill confined pay_by_date designated collection centers.

Customers are allowed to pay for the call at any authorized post offices (including post offices) and nationalization / bank plans to serve up special print money “pay_by_dates”. They may also make such payments exceed certain banks / post office is a normal circle of concern “pay_by_date” heads of the provisions in the limited time.

What is the time allowed to pay the bill?

Customers need, “pay-by-date” printed on it by pay, pay-by-date is the date of the current 21 days of the issuance of the Notes.

Are there hassle-free modes of payment of bills?

Yes. Voluntary deposit (revolving accounts system) and electronic clearance services (debit card) program, also allows customers to pay for the call, without having to travel or counter cash collection centers. The former plan deposits earn 9% per annum (2002-03) of an attractive interest rate of simple interest, and later client program discount @ 1% of the value of the bill (excluding service tax section) subject to a maximum of Rs 1000 / – (rupees one thousand yuan only).

What is the present rate of Service Tax?

Service tax on Telecom Services is levied at the rate of 12.36% inclusive of Education Cess.

What is the timeframe for settlement of an excess metering complaint?

An excess metering complaint is normally required to be settled within 2 months.

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